The outward appearance of any school or academy is not to be taken lightly.

In fact, some of the most respected educational institutions in the UK spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on ground maintenance throughout the year, just to keep up appearances.

But beyond this, well maintained grounds do in fact have a purpose – they promote a healthy learning environment and they are a key element to high pupil and parent satisfaction.

Here at BRIAN MEE ASSOCIATED LTD, we understand that your grounds need to look their best.

We have cared for the grounds and sports fields of schools and academies since 1992 and we can do the same for you.

Our customers, which include primary schools, high schools and sixth forms and colleges, benefit from a wide range of services, and we always aim to design a school maintenance plan that’s flexible and cost-effective for all our customers.

Sports Field and Hard Court Maintenance – Lawn Mowing – Pruning and Trimming – Planting and Weeding – Border Creation and Tree Surgery – Walkway and Kerb Maintenance – Landscaping – Improvement Works – Gritting – Litter Picking – Commercial Cleaning – Security Fencing

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Why Choose Us?

High quality does not have to mean high cost – our prices are always competitive.

The size of our business and our flexible, proactive approach means that we are best placed to cope with the unexpected – providing you with an unaffected service at all times.

Our experience and reputation earned over 20+ years  means that you are in safe hands.

We already provide maintenance services to a growing list of Businesses, Local Councils, Schools, Hospitals, Property Management Companies and Residential Customers.

Our staff are provided with regular, on-going training to keep them up to date and ensure we meet health and safety requirements.

School sports field maintenance

Football and rugby pitches, cricket fields, tennis courts… whatever sports fields your school has, we can maintain them.

We have a large fleet of ride on mowers and professional-grade grass cutting equipment, and we can design and shape fields into something new entirely with our line marking services.

In addition, we can maintain hard court surfaces and repair weather damage, allowing physical education to take place no matter what happens.

School fence maintenance

Fences are often the only barrier schools have protecting staff and pupils.

That’s why it is essential that your fences are maintained.

As part of our schools ground maintenance, we will routinely check each fences integrity and carry out repair work where necessary to ensure that all fences and borders perform their jobs.

This keeps unwanted people out and ensures that vehicles, such as motorbikes, cannot trespass.

School gardening and landscaping

We are passionate gardeners and we love nothing more than ensuring gardens look fresh and healthy.

And so in addition to mowing grass and performing general maintenance such as planting new greens and weeding, we can also lay patio areas and design and build meadow areas.

Of course, we can also transform your derelict areas into something alive and welcoming for both students and faculty members to enjoy.

Let’s talk maintenance – contact us today to discuss your school’s maintenance requirements.