Winter is coming, and that means one thing – ice. But not just any old ice. We’re talking about Black ice, that virtually invisible and deadly slippery surface that wreaks havoc everywhere it touches, particularly on roads and on walkways.

But you need not be afraid of black ice, frost, sleet or snow, for there is a solution …

… and that solution is gritting.

At BRIAN MEE ASSOCIATES LTD, we can grit any surface to stop ice forming and to prevent frost, sleet or snow from sticking to road surfaces, pathways, stairways, car parks and much more.

This reduces the risk of personal injury significantly and minimises accidents.

Our gritting service

We provide our gritting services to a wide range of businesses and organisations, and we can do the same for you.

Our customers benefit from:

Manual Gritting – Vehicle Assisted Gritting – Supply and Installation of Salt Bins – Supply and Management of Grit Stock – Snow and Ice Clearance.

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Why Choose Us?

High quality does not have to mean high cost – our prices are always competitive.

The size of our business and our flexible, proactive approach means that we are best placed to cope with the unexpected – providing you with an unaffected service at all times.

Our experience and reputation earned over 20+ years  means that you are in safe hands.

We already provide maintenance services to a growing list of Businesses, Local Councils, Schools, Hospitals, Property Management Companies and Residential Customers.

Our staff are provided with regular, on-going training to keep them up to date and ensure we meet health and safety requirements.

Gritting for businesses

Winter weather can have a disastrous effect on business. Providing your customers can actually reach you, the next hurdle is them being able to approach your premises.

And this is not always easy or safe.

Thankfully, we have a solution – periodic gritting services and seasonal site management to ensure that your business is always open to the public, no matter the weather.

Retail Parks – Business Parks – Shopping Centres – Supermarkets – and many more

Gritting for education

School closures due to poor weather are all too common in the winter, and they can have a disastrous effect on pupil curriculums. They can also be a nightmare for staff.

And so much to the dismay of pupils, we offer a winter-round gritting service that keeps car parks and walkways clear of ice and snow.

The result is less school downtime and increased parent satisfaction.

Schools – Academies – Colleges – Universities

Gritting for medical centres

Hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, dentists, cosmetic centres and pharmacies need to be open all year round to serve members of the public and their clients.

But winter weather can affect this capability.

Thankfully, we can grit car parks, walkways and steps leading to and from your premises to ensure safe passage for all those that visit you.

Hospitals (NHS and Private) – Dentists – Cosmetic Centres – Doctor’s Surgeries – Pharmacies

Don’t leave yourself or your customers at the mercy of the elements – get ready for winter with our gritting services
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