Lawn care and lawn maintenance

We have been helping to improve and maintain some of the lushest lawns in England since 1992, and we can do the same for you through a wide range of treatments that range from simple grass cutting and edging to pattern creation, chemical weed control and fertilisation.

The process begins with an assessment.

We assess every lawn before we come up with a comprehensive treatment plan and this ensures that we only do what is right for your lawn.

Your treatment plan will be made up of seasonal treatments, such as feeding and fertilising, essential treatments such as scarification and aeration, and if required specialist treatments such as hydration and insecticide application.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all lawn care treatment plan, so yours will be tailor made to your needs.

Mowing – Strimming – Seeding – Feeding – Fertilisation – Weeding – Scarification – Aeration – Hydration – Fungicide – Insecticide – Seasonal Treatments – Bespoke Plans

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Why Choose Us?

High quality does not have to mean high cost – our prices are always competitive.

The size of our business and our flexible, proactive approach means that we are best placed to cope with the unexpected – providing you with an unaffected service at all times.

Our experience and reputation earned over 20+ years  means that you are in safe hands.

We already provide maintenance services to a growing list of Businesses, Local Councils, Schools, Hospitals, Property Management Companies and Residential Customers.

Our staff are provided with regular, on-going training to keep them up to date and ensure we meet health and safety requirements.

Seasonal lawn care treatments

Year-round care is essential for a healthy lawn.

That’s why through winter to summer, we will assess your lawn and feed it and fertilise it with the highest quality environmentally-friendly products for a thick, lush lawn.

In winter, for instance, we will protect your lawn against moss and in the spring we will provide a feed that promotes regeneration and growth, so that come summer your lawn looks as green and as lush as physically possible.

Annual lawn care treatments

We consider scarification and aeration to be lawn care essentials, so we build them into most of the lawn care treatment plans we design.

Scarification removes excess thatch to help younger grass to grow through, while aeration alleviates soil compaction and helps air, water and nutrients get to the grass.

Combined, these treatments promote growth and ensure that each blade of grass gets the nutrients it needs to grow.

Specialist lawn care treatments

The most common specialist lawn care treatment we carry out is hydration – this treatment creates small pockets in the lawn that allow water and specialist hydration products to penetrate deep into the soil.

Additionally, your lawn may require the application of fungicide and insecticide products to fight off infestations once a year.

Whatever the case, our constant assessments will pick up on any of the treatments that your lawn needs.

We pride ourselves on our reputation and lawn care is one area that we’re particularly passionate about. Contact us today to find out more about our lawn care solutions.