Pests in your home, garden or commercial premises can have a range of unpleasant effects, from spreading disease to damaging your property.

From a few ants under the patio to a whole warren of rabbits, from a few annoying pigeons to a nest containing thousands of wasps, pests can be more than just a pest, they can be a complete nightmare.

Moles can wreck your prized lawn in no time and woodworm can soon destroy your shed.

Worse still, rats, rabbits and squirrels can gnaw through cables causing damage and even electrical fires, while ants can be everywhere throughout your home in no time at all.

Professional pest control is the only effective answer to problems like these, eradicating the pests and ensuring they do not return to blight your life again.

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Why Choose Us?

High quality does not have to mean high cost – our prices are always competitive.

The size of our business and our flexible, proactive approach means that we are best placed to cope with the unexpected – providing you with an unaffected service at all times.

Our experience and reputation earned over 20+ years  means that you are in safe hands.

We already provide maintenance services to a growing list of Businesses, Local Councils, Schools, Hospitals, Property Management Companies and Residential Customers.

Our staff are provided with regular, on-going training to keep them up to date and ensure we meet health and safety requirements.

A full pest control service

We offer a discrete, professional pest control service from insects, such as silverfish, ants and cockroaches, through nests of bees and wasps, through to moles, rabbits, rats and squirrels.

We also have a range of pigeon control methods to prevent unsightly and unhygienic soiling of your buildings.

Whatever your infestation, we can help with expert pest control advice and action, swiftly removing the problem and restoring your home, garden or commercial premises to a clean and pest free state.

Discrete and effective pest control

Naturally, you will not want to broadcast that you have pest problems, especially where the pests carry a stigma of poor hygiene standards or unhealthy conditions, such as cockroaches.

We know that such pests can occur anywhere, regardless of the conditions, but we understand public perception and are at pains to provide a discreet pest control service that solves your problem with the minimum fuss.

Legal and humane pest control

There may be many old wives tales and country wisdom regarding pest control, but at BRIAN MEE ASSOCIATES LTD, we use only proven pest control techniques and modern pest control technology.

All our methods are legal, effective and humane, and we go out of our way to prevent any undue suffering.

Where possible, pests are caught and released elsewhere where they will not cause any further damage or distress.

This is particularly the case with beehives. With bee numbers dwindling across the UK, we will always try to employ a professional bee-keeper to relocate the hive and protect the bees, rather than simply destroying them with pesticides.

Preventing pest return

Our pest control services are highly efficient and effective, but it doesn’t stop there.

Having removed your pest problem, we will offer advice and equipment to help prevent the problem returning and to keep your home or commercial premises pest free in the future.

This includes pigeon control netting and spikes, advice on how to block access to your property by tunnelling or burrowing animals and regular pest control treatments that you can use to prevent an infestation re-establishing itself.

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