BRIAN MEE ASSOCIATES LTD offers a professional pruning and hedge cutting service using experienced horticulturists and tree surgeons, and the very best in modern and traditional equipment. We can help you keep your hedges, bushes and trees looking healthy and attractive.

Boundary pruning and hedge cutting

Hedges and bushes form the boundary of many properties.

This may be true for you either at home or at your business, so it is important to keep your hedges and bushes in shape to create a good first impression.

Shabby, overgrown bushes and hedges that require trimming and pruning can set completely the wrong tone, creating an image of untidiness and lack of care.

A neat, well kempt hedge creates an image of order and grooming that will impress friends, family and visitors alike.

Our pruning and hedge cutting service will ensure your hedges are kept smart and tidy, with regular scheduled visits or ad hoc trimming, whichever suits you best.

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Why Choose Us?

High quality does not have to mean high cost – our prices are always competitive.

The size of our business and our flexible, proactive approach means that we are best placed to cope with the unexpected – providing you with an unaffected service at all times.

Our experience and reputation earned over 20+ years  means that you are in safe hands.

We already provide maintenance services to a growing list of Businesses, Local Councils, Schools, Hospitals, Property Management Companies and Residential Customers.

Our staff are provided with regular, on-going training to keep them up to date and ensure we meet health and safety requirements.

Topiary pruning and hedge cutting

Of course, there’s no need to stop with smart, neatly trimmed hedges and bushes.

With just a little creative thought, our expert team of hedge trimmers can create interesting and unusual hedges to compliment your home or business, from simple shapes to advanced topiary styles.

Talk to our team about how you can transform your hedges to match your architecture and your own personal style, with sweeping curves, box pillars and carefully shaped bushes.

Ornamental pruning and hedge cutting

Today’s hedges come in all shapes, sizes and species, and each requires their own specific care and attention.

Our expert pruning and hedge cutting team have vast experience in all native and exotic bushes and hedge plants, including ornamental species, and can deliver the ideal treatment to help them flourish and bloom to show your gardens or grounds at their very best.

Pruning and hedge cutting to improve growth

Pruning and hedge cutting is more than just a visual requirement.

Careful, expert pruning and hedge cutting services can vastly improve the health of your hedges and bushes, creating new growth, preventing a dead, woody interior and encouraging the formation of flowers and fruit.

However old or overgrown, expert pruning and hedge cutting will to breathe new life into your old hedges and bushes, enhancing their natural beauty and adding a new dimension to your gardens or grounds.

Pruning and hedge cutting on any scale

Everyone needs a little help with hedge cutting or professional pruning, to get the best out of their plants. Brian Mee Associates offer a comprehensive pruning and hedge cutting service on any scale, from individual bushes to tractor flail hedge cutting of roadside boundary hedges.

Our professional pruning and hedge cutting teams will remove all clippings from your property for environmentally friendly disposal, leaving your hedges and bushes looking neat and tidy and your gardens or grounds clear and clean.

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